Worn gold plating on Seamaster Cosmic

by Bob
(United Kingdom)

Worn gold plating on Seamaster Cosmic

Worn gold plating on Seamaster Cosmic

Worn gold plating on Seamaster Cosmic Worn gold plating on Seamaster Cosmic2 Worn gold plating on Seamaster Cosmic3

I have a gold plated Omega Cosmic which I bought in 1969. I have not worn the watch for years as the plating on the high spots of the back of the case and winder have worn through to the base metal. The watch although probably needing a good service to replace seals etc, still keeps perfect time. I was wondering if you have ever known of anyone replating the case, and how much this would cost. They did replace the watch in my first few years of ownership, but the second one went exactly like the first. It is obviously a bad fault with this model as all the examples I have seen have the same problem.

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Yes, this was a problem with these watches
by: OWEx

and the wear on the high spots is common. Unfortunately, the wear on your watch is extensive and at least in the US, having that replated would be quite expensive. My guess is that between the watchmaker taking the watch apart, replating and reassembly you are looking at more than the actual value of the watch. Your best bet would look for a replacement case. These do come up for sale on websites like eBay from time to time.

re your last
by: Bob

Oh well looks like its going back in the drawer or I might just sell it, what's it worth as it is.

The 166.023 is a popular model
by: OWEx

I see quite a few of these sell on eBAY as parts watches and fetch around 150-200$. The reason is probably the movement (either 562 a or 565) which was used in many Omega models and is useful for many restoration projects.

by: Bob

OK well thanks for the interest, I will get round to doing something one day


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