Which model ?162.009?

by David Taylor
(Newcastle Upon Tyne. UK)



I recently bought a 1964 omega automatic but i can't find exactly which model it is,the case is numbered 162009 and the movement (a 552 calibre ) 21865497.The photo doesn't really show the stunning silver dial.If anyone can help please let me know.

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The model reference number is
by: OWEx

162.009 The watch looks great!

I've got the same watch
by: Anonymous

I've got the same watch in gold, do you know how much it's worth could do with selling

crown NEW
by: wayne

I have the same watch 18k gold and trying to find the correct crown as mine has been lost, got the watch from my dad, case 162009, movement 20728946
thanks and regards,,,

Not an original watch NEW
by: Anonymous

It's been assembled from various different
watches and parts.
The Ref. 162.009 correspond to a 565 movement.

Reply NEW
by: ray

It is an omega automatic calendar DE LUXE, found it in a German catalogue approx. 1963

See www.old-omegas.com

I have the same watch in 14k solid gold, at that time the watch was DM 545,-

Ref.nr with calendar 162.009 without calendar 161.009

A few weeks ago I asked owex the same question about my watch, didn't hear from him and found it out myself

Another question NEW
by: Anonymous

Wayne, does you watch also have the tiny seahorse symbols on the lugs and the gold stamp, in your case 750?

no seahorse but 750 stamped inside NEW
by: wayne

no seahorse but 750 stamped inside the back cover, usually all listed items have only crown dimensions and I of course do not know mine as it is missing,,thanks regards

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