Watch Repair

by Kristin
(Austin, TX)

Watch Repair:

I have a ladies Omega seamaster, about 5 years old. It stopped keeping time a few days ago, and I thought it needed a battery. I took it to the jeweller I bought it from - it isn't the battery. He sent it off to the watchmaker, who determined that it needs a new movement entirely. $300. Does this seem likely, and does this seem like a fair price?

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Its possible
by: OWEx

That the watch needs a new movement. In many cases, watchmakers don't bother with repairing a Quartz movment and simply swap it out for a new one. If they are replacing it with a genuine Omega movement, it can get pricey. I would suggest finding a reputable watchmaker in your area and getting a second opinion. However, if the movement is shot then this would be in the ballpark as far as cost.

It may just need to be cleaned
by: Anonymous

5 years old is not very long for a watch movement. Especially an ETA movement. Your Omega watch has an ETA movement in it and ETA is the worlds largest movement manufacturer. They are owned by Swatch Group. Omega is also owned by Swatch Group. Of all the ETA movements made in my experience repairing watches for many years there have been only a couple of bad calibers of movements made by ETA. My guess is that your watch movement is fine but that the repair person only wants to replace the movement because it is fast and easy for them so they can move on to another watch. Most times when a quartz watch stops it is because the battery has died. When a battery is replaced it needs to be done properly or dirt can get introduced into the watch movement and this can stop the watch even though the circuit is working fine. A jeweler is not the best place to get a battery replaced or have any watch repaired. Most likely your watch only needs to be properly cleaned and lubricated. I hope this helps.

new battery NEW
by: steve b

hi can you tell me what size battery I will need for a ladies omega deville circa 2000 TIA

new battery NEW
by: steve b

hi can you tell me what size battery I will need for a ladies omega deville circa 2000 TIA

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