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Vintage Wrist Watches - Omega Seamaster Watches with Automatic Movements

I would like to know if you could identify these two Omega watches I received passed down from my family.

Both Vintage Wrist Watches are Omega Seamaster Automatics. One with date and one without.

I've been told that they are probably from the late 50s to the 60s.

They have been in storage and not been worn for several decades.

Prior to that, they have both been worn, so they show some scratches and wear marks on the crystal and in the case and steel bracelets.

They both feature their original steel bracelets although the Seamaster with the Date feature is missing a couple of metal pieces where the bottom of the watch attaches to the bracelet. Please refer to the enclosed picture. How much would it cost to have them replaced?

Any insights into what they would have retailed back when they were new and an approximate idea on what their current market value would be appreciated.

One final question, do they need to be regularly serviced?

Thank you in advance!

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Nice Pair
by: OWEx

Very nice watch. They appear to be all original.
There were a few watches that look like to ones in the pictures, so without seeing the inside I am going to make an educated guess. Both watches appear to be from the late 1950's or early 1960's.
The calendar watch probably houses a 562 movement while the non-calendar watch is probably a 552. The watch appear to be in good condition and the fact they have the original bracelet adds value. There is an end link missing from one of the bracelets, which brings value down. Although I don't know the exact reference number, these Omega watches sold for around 300 CHF back in the early 1960's.

They should definitely be serviced about every 5 years, if you wear them regularly.
in their current condition they need to be serviced and are probably worth around 400-500$ each.

Look for watch prices like yours on eBay.

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