Vintage Omega Watch

by Ann L.
(Sapulpa, Oklahoma, USA)

Since I couldn't figure out how to download the pictures onto the previous thread, I started a new one. This is the vintage Omega watch that I thought was from the 1920s, but best I can tell from it's serial number it is from approximately 1966. Now that I figured out the picture thing (kind of) can you give me a ballpark idea?


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Here is what I think.
by: OWEx

Based on the information you provided, I think you have a custom made watch, with an Omega movement and dial from the mid 1960's. Given the amount of gold (24gr @ 14k), diamonds (assuming 24 at .02 points for a total of 0.5 carat, color grade I-J and VS2 clarity) and overall quality of workmanship my estimate would be in the 3000-4000$ range. This is a ballpark estimate and the actual value could be higher, but this estimate can only be refined by physical examination of the watch. Thanks!

more info
by: Ann

So, I had a "gemologist" look at the watch today, and she says that it's only value is in gold and diamonds. She suggested disassembling it and melting for gold worth and diamonds. Would you do this? It was actually 26.2 grams of gold. The watch is Omega, it is in working condition and the bracelet/band is also Omega. I don't know anything at all about watches but it seems that the Omega's are worth something just for their name alone. Is there any reputable source to get it evaluated where I don't have to worry about it between point A and point B? In the Tulsa area, she was basically my option. She admitted that she knew very little about watches, but perhaps she was correct. Guess I will wait and see what else I can find out about it.


I think you should try other options first.
by: OWEx

The watch has added value because it is a famous brand and is a working example. My suggestion would be for you to consign it to an auction or try and listing it yourself on eBay. If you place a reserve price at the value of gold and diamonds, the chances are you will be able to recover at least that amount in a sale. I am willing to bet that the watch will sell for more than the value of the materials alone.

by: Ann

Great idea! When I get the whole eBay thing figured out, I will get it up there to see if it will sell. It seems to me it is sort of a piece of art and history and I would hate to see it just disassembled!



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