Vintage Omega(?) ladies watch

by Myriam
(Paris, France)

I find this watch on a flee market, I suppose it's a vintage fake... But prefer to be sure! I try to open it but I can't... On the back, there is a triangle with Omega logo inside and under it, 18K 0 750 in a kind of rectangle. on the left, a hammer head with the number 12 and on the right, a left profil of a human head (I know what means those symbols), under all this "Swiss made". Same on the clasp. The dial seems to be in mother of pearl with "Omega" and "antimagnetic" written on it. The glass is a little bit convex. On the winder, there is also an Omega logo. Sorry for bad picture..

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The fact the markings you describe are on the outside
by: OWEx

of the watch would indicate the watch is NOT a genuine Omega product.

Re: your ladies Omega watch. NEW
by: Anonymous

I disagree with the above. It looks right to me, in fact it's very similar to one my grandmother had from the 1960s, which was absolutely genuine in every way. I would go and take it to a jeweller who could confirm whether it was genuine or not. One of the things I'd suggest doing is have them test the stones. If they're diamonds, the chances are that the watch is right, and you've a real find on your hands.

Not Real NEW
by: Anonymous

In searching for info on my own Omega, several sites state that if you see the word "antimagnetic"'s a fake.

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