Vintage omega gold watch

by George H.

I got this vintage omega gold watch from my father
and I don't really know if I should keep it or try and sell it.
My father did say it was worth a few hundred dollars and suggested I
should hold on to it so it will gain more value as time passes.

Attached are some close-up pictures I took. Hope you can give me an estimate -
so I can deiced what to do with this vintage omega gold watch that I got.
I know it's gold from the 14K mark on the cover - so I guess it's worth something because of the value of the gold!

George H.

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More information
by: OWEx

Hi George,
Thats a nice watch and the movement is known as a bumper automatic. Thats because the pendulum or weight in the watch moves from side to side and the person wearing it can feel a "bump". The watch looks like it could be from the late 1940's or early 1950's, but I would need more information to tell assess your watch in more detail. Can you send me the numbers you see on the movement ?

More information
by: G.H

Thanks OWEx
There are a few markings on the inside of the case:
14k 0.585
FAB SUISSE Swiss made

On the inside of the mechanism there is a marking of - seventeen jewels and 12246137
Hope this helps and thanks very much!


by: OWEx

Hi George,
Thanks for the information. Still some numbers are missing, but from the serial number I can say the movement was produced 1950-1951.


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