Value of my vintage Omega Seamaster 300

by Michael

I have a vintage Omega Seamaster 300 I believe is from the 1960s. It is in better than mint condition time, and keeping accurate time. The bracelet, dial, bezel, case, hands, etc. are all original. There is obvious wear and tear since it being so old, but other than that, the watch is beautiful, rare, and hard to come by.

I was wondering if you could tell me the value of this watch? I've seen many different prices on the internet, but alot of them don't have original bracelets, dials, etc. like mine.

Please let me know! You have a great website!

Thank you!

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Nice vintage Seamaster 300 165.024
by: OWEx

Nice watch but it is not "Mint" condition. For a watch to be in mint condition it would have to show NO signs of wear. Nonetheless you have a valuable watch. Looking at it I would rate it to be in excellent condition. The thing with these watches is that they don't have to be in mint condition to maintain a high value. The important factor is originality. The fact that you have the original bracelet also adds value. Given that you still have the original NAIAD crown and the standard original dial I would place a value of around 2800-3000$ on your watch.

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My Omega Seamaster 300
by: Michael

Thank you for your comment, thats the figure I've been getting from most people. Others feel you can't put a true value on it because it is a very rare watch at this point, and theres not a lot of them out there that are still all original like mine. Thank you!

no kidding me NEW
by: 321 meister

3000 usd for this beauty? Información don't think so, for me interesa That condition is around 4900~6400.

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