How to repair Omega watches - opening a watch with a screw in case back

Let me start by saying - ...I don't recommend you attempt to repair Omega watches by yourself... Most of us are content with polishing our watches and changing the strap. However, quite a few people want to have a look inside, record the serial numbers and maybe do some maintenance. Servicing a watch requires some experience and doing things the wrong way can damage your watch and void the warranty. If you want contact information for a reliable watchmaker, please e-mail us and we will reply with the information. Having said that, I am sure some will still want to try this on their own, so I might explain how to do this right.

watch case holder Many Omega watches have a screw in case back. This means you need the appropriate tools to open the watch. First you need a tool to remove the bracelet or strap. Please see the section on changing your strap to get an idea. Next you will need a tool to hold the watch steady. Holding the watch in your hand is not a good idea. It is unstable and will likely result in the case opening tool slipping and deep gauges to the case back. So unless you have 3 hands, you need a case holder. On the right is a picture of a simple and cheap tool. You can position the plastic studs and use the screw to make sure the watch is held tightly in the holder. I go a step further and insert the holder into a table vise to make sure it does not move.

A quick word about tools for those of you who want to learn how to repair omega watches: You can spend as little or as much as you want on tools. The cheap tools are produced in countries like India and China and cost tens of dollars. The high-end tools are probably also produced in India and China, have a sticker on them implying they were produced elsewhere and can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The main difference is in quality and tolerances. Unless you are planning on going pro, your best bets are the less expensive tools that will still do the job. If you want advice on where to shop for these please send us an e-mail.

jaxa wrench Next you will need a wrench to open the case back. Your best bet is a Jaxa style wrench which is adjustable and usually comes with different bits to fit different shapes of the groves on the case back.

Make sure the watch case holder is held down firmly. Adjust the bits on your wrench to the correct shape and to fit snugly into 3 grooves on the case back. Make sure the fit is snug so the wrench does not jump out when you apply pressure. watch case opener ball Place one hand on the top of the wrench that is over the case back applying downward pressure to make sure the wrench does not pop out of the grooves. Use your other hand to rotate the wrench counter clockwise. Use even and slow pressure, don't jerk the wrench. When you feel the case back start to turn stop and remove the wrench. Then use a more delicate tool to continue turning the case back until it comes off. I use a toothpick or a watch case opener ball for this.

Remember, the key thing is to apply steady and slow pressure. A small slip of the wrench and you will put some serious scratches in your watch.

Once you master this essential technique of opening the watch case - you are one step closer to repair omega watches by your self!

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