Questions about crown replacements and proper winding.

by Randy C Brown
(San Jose, CA)

I just bought my first Omega, it's a the Seamster Automatic 563 (166.002) and it's in decent shape with all the correct interior markings, and serial number. My 1st question is about replacing the crown. The seller included a brand new Omega crown with logo (part #42052 SW177) to replace the current crown which I'm sure is an aftermarket replacement crown install some time ago - it lacks the Omega logo. Is this something that can be easily done by myself or do I need to send both the watch and new crown to a shop? My 2nd question is about hand winding the watch. The watch arrived in the mail already running with the the current date already set. When the escapement runs dry and it's time to hand wind the watch to get it started, how many turns is required to get it started? Is the 563 the type of movement that can't be overwound or does the crown & stem build up tension which is a sign to STOP winding?

Thanks to anyone who can help with my questions.

Randy in San Jose, CA

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