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I am a watch enthusiast that has been collecting watches for years. Factors in the past that I look at in making purchases are overall look of watch, uniqueness, quality, brand, price, and purpose for which watch is to mainly be used (place of employment, leisure time-beach, grilling out, camping, yard work, formal dinners, etc.) With that said, I own inexpensive watches like Timex to more expensive watches like a Tag (most are quartz but some are automatic or kinetic).

I now am interested in purchasing my first Omega but not sure whether to buy quartz of mechanical. For initial purchase price and minimum upkeep, and without the need to wear it everday, a quartz seems to be the one to choose. But, an automatic for design and Swiss engineering quality might be nice too. But, the cost is at least $1,000 more and requires expensive maintenance every 5 years I'm told.

My question: When considering a quartz Vs automatic watch - is the automatic worth the premium? Which one has better resale value, quartz or mechanical? I am a mostly practical person, but I do admit wearing a "prestigious" watch that looks great is a draw. Right now leaning towards Seamaster. Is buying previously owned watch asking for trouble when buying a mechanical Omega?


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I think it depends on how you want to collect.
by: OWEx

You description of the attributes of mechanical versus quartz are spot on. Generally speaking, the quartz will be lower maintenance and more accurate but will lack the cache of an mechanical watch. Personally, I like the idea that I have a fine tuned machine ticking away in my watch. Quartz movement are a dime a dozen. Another point is that while the initial cost of an automatic might be higher, it will retain value better. Most factory produced watches do not really make the best investment, but quartz watches depreciate much faster.

You can also go for pre-owned. Just make sure it was recently serviced, or factor the cost of a service into your price.

Hope this helps!

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