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by Kathleen

Price of vintage Omega watch: My dad has an omega moonwatch. He used to serve the navy and have also served the war during world war II.It's got the encryption saying "The first watch on the moon" and jamie retell and a number 933656 at the back. it is silver in color.

Unfortunately I am not able to give you a photo of it since this watch is currently with my younger half-brother who is 16 and lives overseas. I have asked my step-mother if I could have it when he passed away in 2003. But as a wicked step-mother would say "apparently my dad lost it". Now that my younger brother has it. I want to find out the value of this watch,not that I want to sell it, since it is very valuable to me, because it was my fathers.

Anything that was his, was important to me and will never be replaced with money. I just want to make sure my younger brother is able to keep this watch in a much more safer place if it is valuable. It will just break my heart if I found out that he lost it or got stolen by somebody who just cares about the money it will be worth not the fact that it was owned once by somebody who was very close in his family's heart.

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Thanks for your post
by: OWEx

Your Dad sounds like a great guy. The Omega Speedmaster came in a few different versions, which vary greatly in price. The fact that it has the "First watch worn on the moon" on the case back, tells us the watch is from after the moon landing. Since this is all I have to go on, I would say the watch could be worth anywhere from 1500-3000 US$. The only way to make a more definitive valuation would be by determining the exact model and condition of the watch. Hope this is helpful.

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