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Omega wrist watch

Omega wrist watch

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Hi, I was hoping to figure out the value of a gold bracelet ladies Omega wrist watch that I've had for over 25 years. I can take pictures of it to send to you and from what I see on your site, it was suggested to open the watch up and send you pictures of the inside. This could be a problem as the face is very small and I don't think I have the tools to dismantle it properly.

So I was able to take some pictures - hopefully they will be good enough for you to determine the watch model and value.


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Very cool
by: OWEx

Although the only way to tell for certain is too look inside the watch. You have what appears to be a ladies Omega 711.1872. This watch has a manual 625 movement and was sold in the mid 1970's and was a Geneve model, part of the "International collection".

Your watch looks all original and has the integrated bracelet. The case and bracelet should be 18K gold and back in 1975 this watch retailed for around 500$ in today's money (adjusting with CPI) that would be about 2000$

As far as value, I would be helpful to know the weight of the watch. but I would estimate it to be worth in the 1600-1800$ range.

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