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Omega watches seamaster:

My Mother purchased the watch from a jeweler friend in England. New band, old gold SeaMaster Automatic.

Runs great, keeps perfect time!

Not sure how old it is?

Has some spots on the face?

What are the spots?

Should it repaired or cleaned? If so how quickly?

How much does cost to repair and or clean the watch?

What is the watch worth to a watch buyer?

What should it be insured for insurance purposes?

Thanks & great site!

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Beautiful watch
by: OWEx

Thanks for posting. The watch you have looks like a 165.0020 Seamaster Deville. It houses a 552 automatic movement and the case appears to be a 14K gold. This watch was a mainstay of the Omega lineup throughout the 1960's. So the watch is around 45-50 years old.

The spots on the dial could be oxidation, but also looks like you have one or two spots of mold. I would have it cleaned and seals replaced sooner rather than later. It would be very important to have the watch serviced by someone who knows what they are doing, since extra care needs to be taken with the dial.

The dial you have appears to be the original and therefore it would be important to have it cleaned and NOT refinished. Refinishing of the dial will impact value significantly and therefore make sure whoever is working on the watch understands that it should be cleaned and not refinished.

I am not sure what the cost would be, but if you send me your location I can try and refer you to someone who could do the job. As far as value, given the gold content of the watch an example in this condition with the original dial could be worth around 700-800 US$

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