Omega watches pre owned

by Chris N.

Omega watches pre owned -

Omega Automatic Calender 1964 Gold watch

TT 0851-005

I did research and found this catalogue picture
to acertain the name of the watch
and I wrote down the numbers on the back above

How much is this watch worth now,
I live in Australia

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Thanks for posting
by: OWEx

The numbers you sent indicate it is an automatic movement # 560, but the other numbers don't seem to add up. Are these numbers you found in the catalog or are they actually off the watch? To make a positive ID I would need a picture of the actual watch. Thanks!

Can't post your picture
by: Anonymous

Hi Chris
Sorry but I can't post your picture - it is copyright material.

Please try to take a picture of your watch and post your own original photo.


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by: Charldall

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