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Vintage Omega Geneve on Ebay

I am looking to purchase a vintage Omega on Ebay. SORRY BUT I DO NOT EVALUATE EBAY LISTING

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Glass repair

Hi the crystal has come out of my speedmaster broadsword hands moonwatch Can I buy a watch press to repair my self or do I have to take to menderes If

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Omega Seamaster Constellation STAINLESS/ 14K GOLD FILLED BAND

I am looking for some links to repair the band. Do you know where I might find them. It is the stainless/14K gold filled band from the 70'

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Franken watch

Hi, I would like to buy a watch but I'm not able to tell if it is original or a franken watch. I would most appreciate your advice. Link to watch:

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I have an old Omega watch box that is purple velvet. It has a metal design that looks art deco that goes around the bottom. It is domed. It looks very

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help identify my Omega watch

This watch has been in my family for a long time. I am trying to get some information about it. I looked all over the web and can find nothing like it.

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14K Yellow Gold Omega women's quartz watch

This watch was passed down to me. It is a 14k vintage Yellow Gold Omega women's quartz watch. The numbers on it read 791.915 CA. The back of the watch

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Seamaster Deville

Omega Seamaster De Ville watch. 17 jewel movement adjusted in two positions. Silver dial with silver batons and sweep second hand. Serial cal: 601. with

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My fatherĀ“s Omega watch

Hi, I inherited this watch from my father and I can not find anything like it on the market. I would welcome any comments and informations, as well as

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18k 1960's ladies omega watch

I own two 18K Gold Ladies Omega wrist watches with attached 18K Gold mesh bands. The movement, photo attached is ENZO. the words Omega do not appear anyplace

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18k 1960's ladies omega watch

I own two 18K Gold Ladies Omega wrist watches with attached 18K Gold mesh bands. The movement, photo attached is ENZO. the words Omega do not appear anyplace

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Omega Speedmaster Pro circa 1982, movement 861, real or fake?

Hi, I recently purchased a Speedy Pro off ebay, and am wondering if it's authentic. This is mainly because of 2 concerns I have after receiving the watch.

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Omega DeVille cal. 1378

Hello, I've just purchased used Omega DeVille and I'm not sure if it's original.Attached are some pics and info: Model : Deville quartz 395.0875.2 / 54536554

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Omega vintage pocket watch 15 jewels silver 0800

1. What does FFBA and 2483 stand for? 2. Serial number 8800513 - what year? 3. What does 312 stand for? 4. What caliber? Best regards, Ul

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Omega watch

please can you identify my watch it is an unable to find it on the internet im sorry about the quality of the photos...many thanks

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omega seamaster or speedmaster

I bought A watch but I'm not sure if it is original or A fake

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1960s Constellation Pie Pan

I intend to purchase this watch from a longtime friend. His uncle was given the watch new in the late 1960s. My friend has been in possession of it for

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My father watch

I want to identify my father's watch and get an idea of its value. Roman dial Automatic Fab. Suisse Nothing written on the back I guess it is a bumper

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omega seamaster

The movement is an Omega Cal 1020, 17 jewel automatic, unadjusted, SN: 47022674. The Watch Case shows 366.0879 and 166.0279. can you tell me what the case

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asking a question

Does a quartz Omega Constellation watch needs any other maintenance that changing the battery? Why the battery lasts only 2 years while I have a Casio

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Winding stud

In November 2010 I had my Omega De Ville vintage watch fully refurbished by a jeweller (not Omega) in London. Since collecting the watch, I have worn

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Watch Band Replacement

Hello, I've recently purchase a Seamaster 300 M Chronometer ( I would like to know if I can replace the Watchband with the one that

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Does the crown of Omega watches always have the Omega sign?

I just bought a vintage 1964 ladies Omega watch. It is gorgeous, but it has a plain crown. Is this normal for Omega watches in the 1960's? I am wondering

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Is this watch Fake or Real?

I bought this from Ebay and just want to make sure I paid the right price for it. I did go to the Omega Store here for a new link because the band was

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1940's Omega watch??? info. and pictures

Hello again, I took more pictures and have a bit more information. I hope these pictures help. I've included a drawing because I just can't seem to get

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have a question

I bought a new Omega Constellation quartz in 2008 from Tourneau, an authorized Omega dealer, I only use it for going out, maybe once a month, the dealer

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My Mom's Omega 1930's?

It now has a cheap elastic band. She wore it for many years, my uncle brought it back from WWII Italy. I just want to know what it is and an approximate

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1969 Omega seamaster automatic....

I got this watch from my father before he died. He told me he bought it brand new in 1969. The band is not original, in fact, its some cheap stretch band

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Omega 1342

Hey, awesome website! I bought this omega on ebay last week and just had a few questions about it. I've done some research and looks like it is from 1977.

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Omega watch year and and model unknown

Hi. I'm trying to determine the model and value of an Omega watch I have. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Omega Speedmaster Triple Date

Hey there, I found this watch and these are all the photographs I have of this so far. I dont know much about the triple dates or day date I have this

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1940's Omega watch???

Hello, I have a man's 18 kt. gold Omega watch. I received it when my father passed away. It keeps time well. It has some very fine surface scratches

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vintage 9ct gold ladies omega 2

Could you also please tell me if this is real or not? I am debating if i should purchase this or not. Thank you so much

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vintage 9ct gold ladies omega

Could you determine if this watch is real or not. and how much it would be worth if it is real? The back side has no remarks. totally plain. I really

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vintage omega watch

Hello , i writing from Chile, i have this omega since 10 years, my grand father gave to me when i finished my university. I dont know which model and

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Looking for info 2

Hello Here are some pictures of the watch that you asked me to put up Omega automatic De ville Thank you Ed

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nerver wind up to full position

I have a omega pocket watch serial no 7163655 the watch can not wind up to full position & it stop after 4-5 hours then wind up again thank

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recently purchased omega seamaster

hello after a few weeks of pre and post purchase i was lucky to find your site. i recently bought a seamaster and would like your help with the following:

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Seamaster DeVille

I recently inherited a Seamaster DeVille, labeled 24k gold filled. It stops occasionally, and sometimes looses a couple of hours. I am trying to decide

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Price evaluation please

I inherited this watch and would love to find out more about it. Gene T

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Ms Odette H.

Given to me by my mother, I don't know when she was given it, possibly the 1960s or 70s. I have just sent it away to be serviced, so in perfect working

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Vintage Omega(?) ladies watch

I find this watch on a flee market, I suppose it's a vintage fake... But prefer to be sure! I try to open it but I can't... On the back, there is a triangle

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Omega Automatic Seamaster 1954...fake or not?

Is this watch real or fake? The websites says its an all orignial Omega in good shape. Ref. 13918095. Does not mention box or papers

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OMEGA Constellation Solid Rose Gold Bracelet

We inherited our father`s constellation. He bought it in 1958. It`s all 18k solid rose gold and in perfect condition. We would like to know it`s value.

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14k 1377 movement

Hello I have a 14k gold Omega that has the following information: On the inside back cover: 14K 585 191740 kz Movement: 1377 SN 47886127 I have been

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How much is this manual wind seamaster worth please?

Hi i was wondering if anybody new how much this manual wind seamaster is worth? i would be very grateful thanks. Im not sure what model it is but ive been

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Mans Vintage Watch - considering purchase

Resubmission with Photo -- I am considering purchasing this watch from a local jeweler and am hoping you can give me guidelines on the value. It is a

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i have an omega seamaster 1960s i think i wish to open it to find the serial number and cal but i can not find any indent to insert a knife any advice

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Looking for info

Hello I have a Omega automatic De ville it is waterproof and it looks vintage or if anything 80s would you be able to provide me with some information

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