Omega Watch Year/Model?

by Geoff
(Cleveland, Ohio)

Omega Watch Year/Model

Omega Watch Year/Model

Omega Watch Year/Model Omega Watch Year/Model2

This was given to me by my Grandpa and he has had it for many years. I am struggling to find a model number or anything that could help me place what year it is from or anything else about it. It came with the original watch booklet (photo attached), but no case or anything else to help me learn more about it. I know he has placed a lot of sentimental value in it over the years, so I have no immediate concerns in selling it, but I am curious to know what it's worth, if anything.

Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!


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Higher Res Images
by: Geoff

Here are links to better quality images, sorry about how to original post's images were rotated... Not sure why that happened.

Booklet -

Watch Face -

Very nice watch
by: OWEx

You have an Omega 176.005 Seamaster Chronograph with a cal. 1040 movement. Over the years some collectors have referred to this watch as the "Jedi", but this is mistaken as the original Jedi reference was for a reference 145.024. DO you know if the watch is gold plated or solid gold? This would effect the value significantly.
Look at prices of watches like yours on eBay.

Response to OWEx
by: Geoff

Thank you very much for your comment, that little bit of information was very much appreciated. I can't even tell you how long I spent searching for just a model number on this thing. Haha

I don't know if it's gold plated or solid gold... it is quite a heavy watch, so it may be solid gold, but I'm not sure how to verify that. Know of any good ways to tell besides taking it to a jeweler?

more info NEW
by: Blaise

The watch you have is not solid gold but 20micron gold plated. It looks like at some point in the past the case has been polished as it lost the original sunburst finish which was applied even to the gold plated versions.

According to your large image the watch is in pretty good condition compared to its age, however the crystal is a bit scratched. Polishing it out is a bit of a problem as it is mineral not plastic and the movement needs to be removed from the case then the crystal must be pushed out from the case.

Here are some more information from Omega Vintage Database:

Dimensions: 15,2 x 42 x 49 mm
ST 176.0005
International collection
1972 - 1976
Type: Automatic (mechanical)
Caliber number: 1040
Created in 1970
22 jewels
Date, Tachymeter, 24 hours, Chronograph
Stainless steel
Case back
With luminous hour markers and luminous hands
Mineral (flat)
Stainless steel (attached)
Water resistance
60 meters

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