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Omega watch service: How to polish your Omega watch

The purpose of polishing is to create finer scratches to the surface of your watch or bracelet and have them uniformly lined up in order to get an even reflection of light on the surface. There are two kinds of finish: the mirror finish and the brushed finish. In order to prevent any possible damage to the watch it is wise to experiment with the polishing on a hidden surface of the watch (like the inside of the bracelet) or on a spare piece of metal.

To begin the process use a polishing cloth that has been chemically treated for degrees of abrasiveness. Start with a coarse cloth, rubbing with an even movement, always in the same direction. After the first layer of dirt has been removed, you will then go to an even stronger product such as Simichrome, which is considered one of the best products for stainless steel. Using a soft cloth, apply it to the area you want polished, remembering to continue to rub in one direction only. When done, use a dry cloth to vigorously remove the polish.

This brings a shine to the band which is a result of having removed the majority of the dirt and eliminating some of the smaller imperfections that are a result of wear. This will not remove the deep scratches or gouges.

For deeper gouges (particularly on a brushed surface), the use of very fine steel wool (000 grade) or Scotch-Brite is recommended. Again, careful attention must be paid to rubbing in one direction only, this creates small and even concealing lines, resulting in a shining, brushed finish.

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