Omega watch repairs - Opening a pressure fit case back

Another one of the basic Omega watch repairs is opening a pressure fit case back. There are many reasons why you may want top open your watch - Please remember that servicing a watch requires experience and doing things the wrong way can damage your watch and void the warranty. If you want contact information for a reliable watchmaker, please e-mail us and we will reply with the information. Having said that, I am sure some will still want to try this on their own, so I will explain how to do this right.

screw back case If you look at the back of your watch you will notice that there is not always an obvious way to access the movement. The case in picture A is a screw back case. This is clear from the 6 grooves around the edge that allow a wrench to grip the case (see the section on opening a screw back case ). The example in picture B is totally flat, with no obvious back. This is a one piece case (uni shell). uni shell You access the watch through the crystal. Finally, picture C is a pressure fit back. You can tell this type of case back from the fact there are no grooves or notches for a wrench to grip and that there is a space between the case and the back. pressure fit back

To get the watch open you will need a number of tools. You really want to do this right or else you will scratch your watch and/or end up in the emergency room. First, get a high quality case opener. Do not use a screwdriver or butter knife! There are a couple of good options. I prefer the Bergeon case knife tool for my omega watch repairs. It is high quality hard steel and works well with most cases with minimal damage.

Bergeon tool Next, examine your Omega watch closely and look around the case back where it meets the case body. You should be able to find a slight indentation on one side. This is designed to allow you to insert the edge of the tool. Place the watch face down on a towel laid down on a firm surface, such as a table. Some prefer to hold the watch in the hand. Now start by inserting the tool edge into the groove. Apply strong consistent pressure trying to move the blade further in between the case and the back. No need to twist the wrench.

Simply inserting it deeper should result in the case back popping off. Don't jerk the tool or it will slip and embed in your hand! Be patient, some of these case back are fitted very tight. If that is the case you might need a different tool. But if this is the case I really suggest you visit a watchmaker.

Once you have opened the watch and got all the information you need its time to close it up. With many watches you can try snapping the case back on with your hands. Remember not to lean down on the watch as you can damage the crystal. If hand pressure is not enough to close the watch you need a closing press. closing press

First, find the correct dies to fit just around the crystal. The ridge of the die should rest against the case and not touch the crystal. Place this die on the bottom and place the watch face down on this die. Then orient the case back such that the groove for the opening tool is in the same location it was when you opened the watch. You can then choose a die that is about the size of the case back or bigger and fit it on the top of the jig. Apply firm and constant pressure on the lever until you hear/feel the case back popping in. That's it - Another one of the basic Omega watch repairs....

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