How To Replace An Omega Watch Band

This is a short and easy tutorial on how to replace your Omega watch band (A.K.A - bracelet, strap) by yourself:

One of the fun things about many watches is the ability to customize them. Some models will allow this more than others, but almost all Omega watch bands can be changed(some watches have an integrated bracelet - which makes things difficult). This is something anyone can do, but you want to do it right in order to avoid scratching the watch.

lugs and spring bar The first thing to note is that most straps and bracelets are connected to the watch by spring bars. These are made of a metal tube with a spring inside, pushing against pins that insert into holes in the watch lugs. Most of the spring bars have shoulders or grooves, to fit a spring bar tool.

omega watch spring bar

Spring bars come in different lengths and diameters. Choose the length based on the distance in millimeters between your watch lugs and the diameter based on how strong they need to be. Make sure not to get too big a diameter since they will not fit into the strap holes. Typically the diameter is around 1.6 to 1.8mm.

omega spring bar tool To get the spring bar out you will need a tool. I recommend buy a dedicated tool as jewelers screw drivers and butter knifes tend to slip and will scratch you watch. The most simple tool has a pronged end and fits over the shoulders of the spring bar.

The idea is to lay the watch down flat on something soft. Hold it firmly and use the tool to pool back the spring until it comes out of the hole. Then apply side pressure to the spring or bracelet and slowly release the spring. If you do not do this slowly chances are the spring will fly across the room and lost forever. Now you should be able to clear the spring from the watch shoulder and remove the side of the strap. To put on a the strap repeat the same process in revers.

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