Omega Seamaster Professional 300m - Loose pins

by Duncan P.
(Rugby, UK)

Omega Seamaster Professional 300m - Loose pins:

Hi, I took my watch to an Omega dealer after one of the pins dropped out of the metal strap. I have also had problems recently with one or two of the pins apparently sliding out of position during normal wear. These were able to be pushed back in to postion using a screwdriver.

The watch is 8 years old and is used occasionally (I also have a Speedmaster and tend to wear one or the other). The dealer checked the rest of the strap and pointed out that 4 of the pins remaining were easily moved and may cause problems in the future. They still have my watch and are suggesting I need replacement pin and tubes for the repair but are going to obtain a quote for me.

The dealer pointed out that they have in the past replaced all the pins and tubes on other Omega's at the same time as (logical argument I accept) when one goes it suggests the others are on their way out.

My query is, is this common? What do you think is a fair price to replace one, the 5 needed or all..? Is it possible to use a bonding agent on the pins that are moving at the minute to keep them fast and just replace the one needed? will this cause long term damage?

Thanks for your help

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Thanks for the question
by: OWEx

This is not common, but really depends on how much the watch was worn. Like any moving part it will wear over time. Replacing the pins and tubes is an easy job and the parts should be around 4-5$ for each pin or tube. I would take into account about 30 minutes of labor, so that should give an estimation of what to expect. Hope this helps.

owner for 12 years with no major issues.
by: Anonymous

I've had one like this that has lasted me 12 years - no problems.

Not that uncommon
by: Chuck

Mine is doing the same thing. It is about 11 years old and I just took a paperclip and pushed on the each of the pins in the metal bracelet after my watch fell off my wrist. 2 of my pins were moved with minimal force.

Replacement band
by: Anonymous

Same problem here. I was told that I needed a replacement watch band. Can anyone point me to a reputable site that carries quality bands?

Loose pins NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had three replacement bands, all Omega Seamaster originals, in the last 13 years. I bought my watch new in 1999. Every one of the bands had the same problem, one time I almost lost my watch overboard on a ship. I wear my watch on a daily basis, and have it overhauled every 5 years or so by Omega. I am in an office type job so the watch is not abused by more than a light daily wear. I recently noticed a new seamaster watch at a store with the same style band but with screws instead of pins. I talked with Omega ( head office) and was told the band was not compatible with my watch. I bought it anyways, and it turns out that it is compatable, something that Omega admitted to after they saw it on my watch. I think that this new band with the screws will solve the pin problem, and hopefully last a long time. After all, in my opinion, an expensive watch like an Omega should not have an issue such as falling off your wrist due to the band just falling apart! I have also learned recently on another form that some of the Omega Seamaster bands were made in France in the early to mid 90's and were found by Omega to be of inferior quality! These were replaced by Swiss made bands that were marked Swiss made or had no markings at all. They still had the pins. In other conversations with different Omega dealers, I have come to the conclusion that the pin problems are a lot more common than they like to admit. hope this is of some help. Sincerely wl

Falling off NEW
by: Alan

My Omega automatic purchased in 2007 falls off every couple of months. Luckily I have not lost it yet :) The tube/pin can be replaced by hand but this is not really acceptable in what is supposed to be a quality watch and was certainly expensive even though I got in a shop sale at about half price. The place where I bought it has replaced tube/pin a couple of times. If the watch gets lost I will definitely look for another manufacturer for my next watch.

Same problem NEW
by: PeterH

Has happened to me on 4 occasions. Luckily each time I have noticed the watch hanging off my wrist and it hasn't fallen. Fair enough you have an expensive watch and it needs servicing from time to time but you don;t expect to have to service the bracelet!!

same thing NEW
by: knobby

I have been replacing pins after the watch became about 9 years old. I wear it everdayand like the other guy I has fallen off. Once fell into my glove when I was fishing. If it wasn't cold and I wasn't wearing the gloves I would be out a watch. I am getting all the pins done soon by an omega repair guy

same thing NEW
by: knobby

I have been replacing pins after the watch became about 9 years old. I wear it everdayand like the other guy I has fallen off. Once fell into my glove when I was fishing. If it wasn't cold and I wasn't wearing the gloves I would be out a watch. I am getting all the pins done soon by an omega repair guy

Same problem here NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a pre-Bond Omega Seamaster that has been repaired multiple times for worn pins and tubes, and fell off my wrist again today. Apparently light office work is just too much. I found the pin but not the tube and am reduced to taping over the loose pin until I fix it again myself. It is an easy fix, but should not be needed. My next watch will be a Rolex.

Keeps happening, service after service... NEW
by: Anonymous

Mine has done this consistently every couple years after an Omega service. I'd say at this point it's a crap strap design. Even out of warranty, Omega should do right on this.

Not Good NEW
by: Anonymous

My Seamaster Professional fell off, and luckily hit my boot on the way down, or otherwise I would have lost it!!! I have a Tag Heuer I have work daily for 25 years of hard usage and it has NEVER fallen off!!!

Sea master falling off due to loose pins NEW
by: John Butler

I have exactly the same issue. I have had the watch in for repair on a number of occasions and have had the pins and tubes replaced by an Omega dealer. Still they come loose and the watch falls off my wrist. I have now sent it back through Omega customer service and apparently the strap is worn and needs replacement at a cost to me of€650 plus. Like others here, the watch is worn regularly but very well looked after, this is not good enough for a €5000 watch. Customer service (Ireland &UK) leaves a lot to be desired.

Replacement band NEW
by: PB

I went the imitation band route for around $100.00. No regrets, very similar look and I feel good that I'm not paying $700 for a new band to a company that is not providing good customer service.

Omega Seamaster - Pins fall out of bracelet NEW
by: Steve

I have the same problem with mine - 4 pins continually fall out of the bracelet. The watch fell off my wrist last week. Quite unacceptable on a watch of this cost and "quality".

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