Omega Seamaster Geneve

by KC

Omega Seamaster Geneve

Omega Seamaster Geneve

Omega Seamaster Geneve Omega Seamaster Geneve Omega Seamaster Geneve


I recently received an Omega Seamaster Geneve from a deceased relative but I have NO papers or any information for it.

The dial says Omega at the top and geneve at the bottom.

On the back of the watch there is a logo engraved which looks like some sort of horse and it says seamaster.

The watch has one 'button' to adjust the time and date. To adjust the date I have to pull the button out and push it back in. And the watch does appear to be working although I think it needs cleaned up a bit.

Can anyone tell me anymore about it? worth etc?


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by: OWEx

Your description fits many different watches. There is no way to know what watch you're describing without at least one picture. It would be best if you could send pictures of the front and the back.

Please take a picture of the watch and I will try to figure out what watch you have ;-)

Just added pics
by: KC

I just uploaded pictures

You have a nice Geneve
by: OWEx

from the 1960's. It looks to be all original except for the band. Have it serviced and lightly cleaned and you will have a watch that will last many years to some. All cleaned up it is probably worth around 250$

Check out current listings of watches like yours on eBay .

by: KC

for your input!! I really appreciate it.

Any guesses as to what the original band would have been like i.e. metal, leather?

I think it would have probably been
by: OWEx

a leather strap.

same watch
by: Anonymous

i recently aquired a watch exactly the same. i took it to a dealer and they said it wasnt worth much at all

Not sure why the dealer would say that
by: OWEx

either he does not know much about vintage watches or maybe he was trying to sell you something instead.

Do a simple search on eBAY with the words "Omega" AND "geneve" and I think you will find these watches are worth something.

Vintage Seamaster
by: John G

I have a 1960's Seamaster and the at the top of the dial is says Omega with Automatic right below, and at the bottom of the dial it says Seamaster with Geneve right below that. Is there any significance to having both Seamaster and Geneve on the dial.
The watch is a cal. 565 and I think the ref is 166.002. As near as I can figure the serial number dates it to 1968. Any thoughts?

1968 Geneve NEW
by: Dr.Ofnothing

The watch pictured above (though it's a bit blurry so hard to tell) looks like a 1968 Geneve, cal. 613. Geneves were the "dress watch" produce by Omega. Depending upon its condition and whether or not it has the original winding crown and crystal, then can be worth a fair penny. One in mint condition sold recently for £600 -- On eBay they go for less, usually in the £300 range, again depending upon condition. Late-1960s Geneves are not considered as collectible as Seamasters or Constellations from the same period, but they are still excellent and beautiful Omegas that, if treated with due respect, will remain accurate and elegant for a lifetime!

Omega geneve seamaster NEW
by: Tom

Hi, hope for your help.

I got a Omega (Automatic) Geneve in silver with a FISCHER-Glissando metal band.
Is the band original?

What is it worth?

Similar NEW
by: Simon

I have one very similar in gold, at the bottom side of the case i.e. below where it says "swiss made" there is a tiny 40 and just the omega logo in a tiny triangle. is there any significance to this?

Many thanks


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