Omega Reference number 2580

(Erie, Pa. USA)

You responded previously about our watch saying it should have a reference number of 2580. We are not sure what that means or how to check that? We had taken it to Mingoy's-the watch guy, and have the serial number and the model number but no reference number, are they one and the same?

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The reference number and model number are the same
by: OWEx

and in vintage models, the reference number was stamped into the inside face of the case back. Hope this helps.

by: Anonymous

The model number then inside is 471 so now it is even more confusing?

The 471 is correct
by: OWEx

and this is the number of the movement which should be stamped on the movment itself. The numbers I was referring to should be stamped on the inside of the case back.

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