Omega Olympic Chronograph

by Sam Greenwood

Omega Olympic Chronograph 1932 with red games steel case with no "Olympic" name on face, just Omega and the split timing hands, and minute dial. In excellent condition, near mint. Also the red Omega casing for use in games by timekeeper is in perfect condition.

Serial number is 7 digits, starts with 17xxxxx (I don't have the watch in my posession at this time).

I have not found any price info, but I have found a picture that shows the exact model in exact same red case.

I would like someone to give me an estimated selling price please?

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Omega Olympic Chronograph
by: OWEx

Hi Sam,
Many thanks for your message. The issue to consider is that Omega produced a large number of chronographs (stopwatches) for public sale. Relatively few were made as Olympic versions. The Olympic versions had the ?Olympic? designation on the dial and/or the 1130 calibre movement.

Your serial number also dates your watch to the late 1950?s. I would have to take a close look to determine the exact movement you have in your watch. This can impact value dramatically and needs to be known before value can be estimated.

by: Sam

Thanks for your reply. It has the 1130 movement.

I think you have a good one Sam ;-)
by: OWEx

the 1130 movement is highly desirable. As you know, there are not too many open sales of these, so it is hard to estimate market value. However from the few sales I know of over the past few years I would place the value of your watch in the range of 1500-2500 US$

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