Omega Geneve dynamic

by Graham Hydes

Omega Geneve dynamic Omega Geneve dynamic2

I bought this Omega Geneve dynamic watch from a dealer,at an Antique Fair. It was sold as a 1950's Omega stainless steel.
Looking on the Omega Database,I can't find a Dynamic before the 60's,or with this face.

I hope the photos show the detail: Omega Geneve dynamic,Geneve Dynamic Automatic and Swiss Made on the face. The wind knob and the strap also have the Omega Logo.On the reverse,is visible by magnifier glass the words Tool 107, waterproof.

Have I been duped? I paid for it on my Credit Card,will that help if I have.

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A few comments
by: OWEx

You have a real Omega Geneve dynamic, but it is not from the 50's. These watches were made from the mid 1960's into the 70's. The other issue you have is that the dial was redone at some point. That is why you cannot find an example with a similar dial. The watch still has value, but most collectors would want it back in it's original condition with an original dial.

You can see examples of Omega Geneve dynamic on eBay.

by: Anonymous

Thanks for that. Any idea how much having the dial put back to an original,would cost.? Would it be cost effective? How do you get it done? You' re right,I'm new..

The correct dials are still available and can be found on eBAY.
by: OWEx

I would consult with a watchmaker (a real one, not the mall guys) and see what kind of movement you have and the diameter of the dial that is needed. It will probably cost you 100$ for the dial and 50-100$ to have it replaced. Finding a similar watch in all original condition would probably run 300+$ on eBAY and 500+ on a dealer's website.

omega dynamic
by: Alexander

I have the exact same watch that belonged to my gradfather. It was bought in the 60's in Germany. The Dial was never redone as far as i know.

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