Omega Deville Watch

by Loren S.
(Greensboro, NC USA)

Could you possibly answer a question for me? I have a 1980s Quartz Omega Deville watch which is on its last legs. I especially like the feature where you can advance the hour hand without changing the minute hand. If I were to look at a new model, which watch would I look at to get the same feature? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Well - you have a watch that is no longer in production.
by: OWEx

I love the movements that allowed the advancing of the hour hand without moving the minutes! Unfortunately, these movements are no longer in production. What I would suggest doing is finding a used example in good condition. If you send me an e-mail with a picture of the watch I can try and identify the model number and point you in the direction of a used example.
Thanks for posting!

Omega De Ville NEW
by: Dave, india

I sent you a picture and brief description of my Omega De Ville, last week.
I did not receive a reply.
Can you kindly inform me the price for the watch?
My email is:

Thank You

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by: Clayborn

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