Omega Constellation Chronometer

by Saso

Omega Constellation Chronometer

Omega Constellation Chronometer

Omega Constellation Chronometer


I have an Omega Constellation Chronometer in solid gold from 1984.
I wonder if this watch is rare?
I tried to find info/pictures about the watch but I dont found anything.
It is gift from my father 1984.
At that time wanted a speedmaster (first watch on the moon).
Now a wonder if it worth at least half the price of a new speedmaster.
Maybe you know haw many was sold back then?

Best regads


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Looks like a reference 196.1070
by: OWEx

but you indicate your watch was from 1984 and the 196.1070 is from around 1987. In any case the watch would have a 1444 or 1445 movement. Since it is solid gold it does have good value. I would estimate it around 800-1200$

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Now there are two of these Omega's left. NEW
by: Anonymous

OMgosh! I have the exact same watch with the alligator band. I bought it at "Service Merchandise" back in the mid 80s, for about $1400. The salesperson said it was a special addition, and many were not made (of course he would say that). My Dad had the stainless steel back one, so, I bought the all gold one, because it was the only one left. I've been searching for a couple of years, and have not found one until I saw! I did take mine down to Southerby's in Tampa,FL, and they said it was worth about $1,600. Anyway, I still have it, with the battery out. I wouldn't sell mine for less than $3,000, right now.

Omega Constellation 1445 NEW
by: TmcK

I have the same watch. Bought it at a Jewelry Store (Columbian Emeralds International) in Freeport bahamas in August 1988. As I recall, it was listed around $1,300, on sale for $1,150, and after bartering I paid around $850 - maybe more.

This is a great dress watch. My son once asked if he could have it one day. I plan to wrap it up and give it to him for Christmas this year. Just the look and comfort is what attracted me to this watch, plus the fact that I had never owned a quality made watch at that time. It is extremely thin, light weight, and comfortable to wear. A beauty in my opinion.

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