Seamaster Old Omega Watches

Old Omega watches - the history of the Seamaster.

In 1948 Omega came out with a new line of watches to commemorate their 100th anniversary. In a tribute to the founder Luis Brandt, the line would be named the "Master" and the first old Omega watches models were the "Seamaster" watches. The "Seamaster" name also indicated the watches are water resistant. Originally these watch housed a bumper automatic movement and were water resistant to 60 meters. In the 1950's the competition with other watch companies was getting fierce and Omega stepped up their game and came out with a number of Seamaster Watches intended for divers. Thus, the iconic Seamaster 300 was born. The watch was waterproof to 200m and had a timing bezel for measuring elapsed time.

As time evolved the Seamaster line expanded to include many other type of watches. This included the Seamaster 120, the Seamaster 600 and numerous other models. Omega Seamaster 300 Many of these models were subjected to extreme testing, such as diving to extreme depth while being used by divers or attached to submersible vehicles. In 1993 the Seamaster line was revamped and the helium escape valve was added. In 1995 Omega struck a deal with the James Bond movie franchise. From this point on James Bond would be wearing an Omega watch and the "007" line was introduced. The Seamaster remains one of Omegas best selling lines today and represents the ideal watch for the person looking for a high quality sports watch.

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