Movement Was Rusted

by Carmen Chubeck
(Las Vegas, NV)

I brought my Omega to my local Sears Watch repairman for a new battery. Once he opened it he told me the movement was rusted out, he then walked back to his counter and continued working on watch, after half an hour he told me that was $ 475.00 please.
When he saw the look of horror on my face, he said " this is a $5000 Watch !!!
Not once did he inform me what he was doing at his counter or how much this work was costing me.
I told him I would be back next day, ( he called several times wanting to know when I would be in to pick up watch )

Upon my return I had to tell him that I did not have that money, he told me he would take the new movement out but had to leave the new post in ( have no idea what he is talking about )
When I asked about the orignal movement, he said he threw it in the trash.

Can anyone please tell me what I should do about this, I want to resolve this fairly but I have little faith in this person.
I am waiting to hear back from Sears Manager also.
Carmen Chubeck.

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I would start with talking to the manager
by: OWEx

There are actually laws about this. The watchmaker needed to tell you what he was doing and the estimated cost before starting the work. If he did not get your consent then you are not responsible for the costs. Whatever new parts he used is his problem. If he threw out the old mechanism that is his problem. If the local manager does not agree, then the next step is the regional manager.

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