Looking for a vintage watch

by Stephen H.
(Fort Lauderdale Florida USA)

Dear Sir, I am at present shopping for a vintage Omega watch with a 30T2 movement, something from the period 1939 to 1950
I think that these are beautiful watches with an exciting provenance.
I would like a steel version rather than gold, so I can wear it daily.
I am not a collector by any means, I have no knowledge of these watches but I am trying to research them as best I can before I invest.
Looking at e-bay and the various dealers online I seem to be coming up with prices from 300 to 1200 dollars with a lot around the 4-500 mark so am assuming that 500 dollars may get me a nice example, I have noticed in the photographs of the movements, some seem to be copper and some seem to be steel and that the 30T2 and sometimes SC is engraved, should I look for this?
also some seem to have what seem to be adjusting weights or screws on a ring?!
I have a list of the serial numbers and their corresponding dates.
Please tell me if there is anything that I should be aware of here and are there any reputable dealers that you would recommend, or a resource/publication for
in-depth information on this particular type? Any information would be much appreciated , my very best regards S.H.

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The 30T2 are excellent movments.
by: OWEx

and the reason you see them in different plating color is due to date of production. Prior to 1942 the plating appears silver like and after 1942 you will see the copper-like plating. The SC indicates a model with a sweep seconds hand. SO a 30T2-SC should have the sweep. Prices are all over the place, but if you want to be sure you are getting a genuine piece I would buy from an established online dealer and stay away from eBAY unless you really know your stuff. If you want a watch that will retain value g for the larger models (Like the 2505) and try t get an original (not refinished) dial.

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