Is this watch Fake or Real?

by Calvin Song
(New York, NY, USA)

I bought this from Ebay and just want to make sure I paid the right price for it.

I did go to the Omega Store here for a new link because the band was too small, and they did not say thing about the watch being fake. They added a new link to lengthen the band and was happy to help.

I was going to ask if this was fake or not, but I was little too embarrassed to ask, because there were lot of people there.

Can you provide me with some expert opinion on this.

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DId you take it to the authorized Omega dealer?
by: OWEx

If you did and if your watch was a fake then they would refuse to work on it. Hope this helps.

Thank you OWEx
by: Calvin

I did take the Omega dealership here in NYC and they have put a new band link on it. The lab guy didn't say anything about the watch being fake, but told me that I kept the watch in perfect condition.

I guess if they didn't say anything it must be real. Thank you for the info.


wonderful NEW
by: anderson

I think it that was not real, that was fake and i am really stunned that was really looks pure copy of omega watch.

by: Jack Easton

I think you got the real one. How much did you pay for it?

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good post NEW
by: Harjanti

I think no one can judge the watch to see the image and it's impossible for me to say that either it's fake or real. Omega is a big brand of Watch and people like to wear Omega watch. However, I'm looking dissertation writing editing help but i think this website is a good platform to discuss the issues related to omega watches. but i don't know how can anyone judge this watch too see the picture.

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