Is this inherited Ladies Omega Seamaster 18K Watch Genuine?

by Linda W.


Please can you help me to identify if this Omega Seamaster 18k watch that was given to me, after my Nan past away in 1975 when I was 12 is Genuine?
I have just found it again in my old jewellery box, whilst sorting out some old boxes from when I was a child.

Thank you for your time and help.

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Thanks for your question
by: OWEx

Unfortunately, your watch is not a genuine Omega product. However, if it is 18K gold then it would still be quite valuable. I would have it tested and weighed to get an idea of value.

Thank you
by: Anonymous


Thank you very much for your answer you have been really helpful. I will get the gold part checked out to see if it is gold or not.

It is reall NEW
by: Doris

Hello, I have the same watch and it is a genuine Omega Seamaster from the 60 or 70.

genuine NEW
by: Anonymous

that would be my watch I have listed on ebay ...or rather removed because someone reported it ... IT IS A GENUINE ITEM
my mother was a working jeweller and bought it as a treat in the early 80.s
so if the guy above asking if its genuine was the one who reported it ...he missed a great bargain

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