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by leonardo
(miami, florida)

I bought a new Omega Constellation quartz in 2008 from Tourneau, an authorized Omega dealer, I only use it for going out, maybe once a month, the dealer where I bought it from replaces the battery for free, problem is that it is not the factory replacement battery because it doesn't warn me before it runs out like the factory battery did. Shoud I take it to an authorized Omega service center or it doesn't matter what battery is used?. Was a quartz a good deal, do they last as long as automatics, I know maintenance is much cheaper, I also heard the quartz mechanism Omega uses is nothing to brag about. Thanks in advance.

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The reason for the alarm not sounding should not be related
by: OWEx

to the type of battery that is used and most of the batteries used by watch shops would be similar to the battery used by the factory. The quartz mechanisms used now days by most manufacturers are nothing special. Generally speaking a quartz watch has lower maintenance costs compared to an automatic, but they don't hold their value as well as a mechanical watch. I hope this helps. Thanks! OWEx

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