Gold Omega DeVille

by Wally
(Sterling Heights,MI.USA)

Gold Omega DeVille

Gold Omega DeVille

Gold Omega DeVille Gold Omega DeVille

I received this gold Omega DeVille watch as a college graduation present
from my parents in the late 70's. Was always affraid to wear it so I asked them to keep it for me. I did open the back a few times to brag to my friends.

Recently my mother passed away within a year of my father's passing.
As I was segregating her things, I redescovered the watch.
I went to the Omega web site and checked under vintage watches case number 111.086 but came up with no information. I tried using other numbers on the case in various forms but once again no luck.

Is there a chance that you can identify it since I'm starting to think
it may not be real.
Thank you

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Your watch is very real
by: OWEx

The Omega database is not complete, so if as watch is not listed there it does not mean it did not exist. Your watch is real and part of the Omega DE Ville collection that was popular in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Your watch looks a lot like the reference 111.0085, so please make sure you got the correct number out of the case back.

See if you can find watches like yours on eBay .

Thanks OWEx

Omega DeVille NEW
by: Micheal Elijah

The Omega De Ville terser has, in my thoughts, an unmatched vintage demand, scattered with a liberal dose of ultra-modern condition mixture that in my judgment is academic writing service complicated to be useful effectively on a watch.

Writing service? NEW
by: Anonymous

Micheal Elijah, you make no sense, whatsoever. How can people trust your comments?

Gold Omega DeVille NEW
by: Jack kevin

Omega's De Ville Trésor truly is timeless, a behind Research Proposal help Services 1940s model that initially appear in 30mm. The iconic brands bring the design rear by new size (40mm) for a dramatic modern appearance.

Watches NEW
by: William Jack

Well this is a very old piece of omega watches and shocking thing is that it's still working because mostly watches are damage or they stop working, this piece of watch which is purely of gold is might be expensive. Grab Now

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