Gold Omega Deville

by keith k

Gold Omega Deville

Gold Omega Deville

Gold Omega Deville

I have a 1980 gold omega deville watch, solid gold bracelet. I can not find a model number or any idea of what it may be worth.
It cost £700 in 1979.


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Thanks for your post
by: OWEx

Are you sure the watch is from 1980 ? It appears to be a model produced and sold by Omega in the early 1970's. It appears to be very similar to the Men's 311.5491.

The value of the watch in this case would be mostly motivated by the gold content. Assuming your is 18K gold the watch is likely worth around $600-$800

See if you can find watches like yours on eBay .


800 dollars for a 70's Omega
by: gill scott

who are you kidding, solid gold bracelet alone, whether 9, 14 or 18 carat is worth more than that, then take the superb work of Omega. You are talking more like three times that.

by: OWEx

The collector market for these smaller solid gold watches is limited. The value of this watch is mostly driven by the gold content. I don't know the weight of the watch so I can only estimate. You can figure it out yourself more accurately by multiplying the weight (without the movement) by the price of gold (18K).

Omega w/18k band DeVille
by: Anonymous

I have the above described watch # 391 85818 stamped with 750 followed by a triangle. In the early eighties I saw a similar watch in a Zurich showroom and remember the price to be 7-8 thousand SFs
What do you think the value is today?

omega de ville
by: Paul

My fathers watch, exactly same as pictured, was valued a couple of years ago by an independent Spanish jewellers at 3500 euros...
Id be interested to know if anyone has a recent valuation or sale... Thanks

I have not been following the sale of these
by: OWEx

but maybe others have and can post a comment. Keep in mind that Jeweler evaluations are good for insurance purposes, but the actual value of the watch is determined by the market. So the only way to know the real world worth of an item is to see what it sells for. Thanks

Update - I just found a similar model in 18K listed for auction by one of the major auction houses. They estimate the value 800-1000 GBP.

omega watch NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi there i am interested in buying?

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