Gold Omega Constellation

by John
(Perth, Western Australia)

I have an gold Omega constellation and have been looking for a rough valuation. I found a very similar watch online here

It is the OM81 but mine has a round face where that one is square. Is this a realistic value that they have there?

BTW the Australian dollar is roughly US$1.05 or 0.64 pounds or 0.75 Euro

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Well if your watch is round
by: OWEx

then it is nothing like the watch on the website you indicated. Unfortunately, without pictures of the exact model I cannot comment on value.
Thanks, OWEx

Round Face
by: John

Well it is very like the one in the link page. It has the same strap, same face layout etc. It's just a round face not a square one.

I will try and get some photos and post them today.

Thanks for checking out my enquiry.

Most likely, your watch is worth
by: OWEx

more than the one on the website you referred to. Please post pictures so I can provide more accurate information.

by: John

As I could not find a facility to upload photos on this site I have loaded them on here:-

I'm sorry that the quality is not great, I need a new camera. But I can upload larger versions or take more photos if required.



I believe what you have is a BA 368.0846
by: OWEx

Constellation from the late 1960's. It had a calibre 1001 movement and should be solid 18K the watch is quite valuable, given the gold content. I don't know the weight of the watch, so I will be guessing but the ballpark value is around 3000$

by: Anonymous

Thanks for your input again. I have weighed the watch and it comes in at 120gms or 5ozs. I also have some more links from the wristband which I had removed to fit.

The watch on the site that I specified in my first post was for sale for Au$8,490 Would you say that is over valued then?

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