Found in a charity shop

by Paul
(South Wales UK)

Close-up of movement

Close-up of movement

Close-up of movement Inner case & movement Close-up of the dial Close-up of the press-on back case

Hi I sent you an enquiry about an Omega SpeedMaster but was unable to upload any photos due to size, I have now resized them and am able to send the photos as well as my comments.

The watch is automatic perpetual motion mechanism.
I found what I thought is an Omega SpeedMaster in a box of brocken watches that were priced up at £0.50p each in a local charity shop (yes a charity shop) I informed the
sales person that I thought it was an original and offered the shop £100 for it, after informing them I would need to have it cleaned and arthenticated that will cost me between £100/200, they were very happy with my offer, so am hoping you can advice me as to it's genuineness. The watch was not working when I found it so I wore it for a few hours then reset the hands to the correct time, it then worked for a few minutes, I also pressed the upper stopwatch button and that worked for few minutes then pressed the lower stop button that worked ok, I then proceeded to press the upper start button and it did nothing as expected so then pressed the lower stop/reset button this sent the stopwatch hands back to zero which then allowed the upper start button to work again.
The watch will very much benefit from a good clean and a service externally as well.
After removing the rear press-on watch case I found the number 51596620 and on closer inspection with an eye loop there are watch makers service marks. There are age related wear marks on the case glass as well as on the winder crown and the upper and lower buttons I also believe it has had a newer younger genuine Omega stainlless steel bracelet.
I hope you can help me to decide if the watch is genuine befor I invest anymore money into it.
Kindest regards Paul.

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