Fake Omega Watch

by Kieran Aust
(Wiltshire, UK)

Fake Omega Watch...

Fake Omega Watch...

Fake Omega Watch... Fake Omega Watch? Fake Omega Watch?

Beautiful present but is it genuine or Fake Omega Watch?

This was bought for me on ebay as a present. While it looks gorgeous I was slightly surprised to see no markings on the back of the case.

The ebay seller has 300+ reviews so I don't know whether to trust this or not. I checked with them and they said there's a serial number inside but I'm not able to take off the back so I'll use the internal shot put on ebay.

Please advise.

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Thanks for the question
by: OWEx

Although the resolution is low and I am unable to see the markings on the inside of the watch, I would say it is likely to be genuine. Some models came without any markings on the backside. If you could send me the numbers on the inside of the case back (perhaps you can see these clearer on the eBAY listing) I can provide more detail.


by: Kieran

Sorry I'm long time getting back to you on this. I've been moving house!

The ebay pics were not any clearer so I'll try to get a watchmaker to open it up and then I'll report back.

If you email me on phaphamo@gmail.com then I will be happy to send you higher res photos.

Thanks again.

It's Genuine.
by: Kieran

I had a watchsmith open the back then took the numbers to the Omega site. Appears it's a genuine Seamaster from 1976.

The Omega site is, actually, wrong as it claims the watch is screw back while this one is, clearly, press-in but, in all other respects they are spot on. Incredible to think it got from the mid '70's to now without being worn!

Thanks to OWEX for the earlier comment and advice.

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