by ronald R.
(ca bay area)

hellow i have been collecting watches for many years but i am stumped here as to what i have bought i have some pocket omegas and wrist also easy to see what they are but now i have 5 omegas that i cant find any information on maybe someone here can help- im sending a picture of some watches i have the ones i need help on are the 3 pin on and 1-gimbaled watche on the lower left- any help would be great and thanks in advance to all- ronald

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Thanks for your post
by: OWEx

but the image is too small for me to see the watches in question. Please send larger images of the individual watches. Thanks, OWEx

by: ronald

yea good idea - i thought the people who looked at the picture would be able to blow it up as i just tried to do and nothing happened-- so there my watches and i cant tell one from another lol (old eyes)i will try to do just that thanks for the comment- ronald

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