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Please can you identify this watch. It is marked DE Ville on the face and Seamaster on the rear. many thanks Can you tell me if it is genuine and what

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Removing condensation from Omega Seamaster 300m Chronometer

I have an Omega Seamaster that I accidentally left the crown open one day and managed to allow some water to enter the watch, when I noticed condensation

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Running Slow

I have my Grandfather's Seamaster De Ville watch that was given to him when he retired in 1970. It runs but it's about 5 minutes behind, do you think it

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Passed down from my father

I can't find much on this watch. I've looked online and can only find two pictures of this watch. I would like to know how old the watch is and also a

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Large, square Omega Seamaster

I bought a large, chunky gold coloured, square Omega Seamaster a few years ago. I cannot find an example of this watch on the internet. It measures 3.5

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Omega watch

It has a lizard grain band and on The Middle says Omega automatic. On the back of it says 10 karat gold filled

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Omega Geneve automatic

my family got this as a present during the 70s OMEGA Geneve automatic , the strap is new and non-original , the watch is working perfectly

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insurance appraisal

I purchased this Omega Seamaster Quartz watch new back in the early 1980s. I've always loved this watch, and the watch band looks more like fine jewelry

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Lesia Nolen

This watch belonged to my dear Aunt Margaret. My jeweler thinks it may have been purchased in late 60's or early 70's. The back of the watch is stamped

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Omega Time Computer 1 1973

Hi, Could you please review the attached omega TC1 as I am unsure if this is real or fake. It is being advertised as new never worn from around 1973. I

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Please help me check fake or original

I just bought this watch from ebay. It opens from front side and seller didn't provide photos of movement. I hope someone could educate me. Thanks a lot.

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Hi, I've been in contact with the vendor, he is telling me, it's an original, and it has been to the Omega shop many time is the past, it seems very much

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Omega Constellation Chronometer Automatic Day Date

I received as a gift from a close relative an Omega Constellation Chronometer Automaic Day Date watch. It was serviced at the Omega Agents in Singapore,

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Mr Paul Bailey

Have just bought my first 'nice' watch form Ebay and all looks good as far as I can tell. It does come with the limited series box but no paperwork. I

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Vintage Omega Seamaster Cosmic 2000

Hello, I've just bought a Seamaster Cosmic but I'm suspicious about its authenticity and may return it to the seller. The dial in particular doesn't look

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Omega Geneve 601 gold plated

Hello...I have found an old watch from my grandad, and it turned to be Omega Geneve... I took the watch to some watch shops and they all told me that I

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Vintage Omega

My grandpa owned this watch, and I am hoping it is genuine, but he was known to get taken, and I haven't been able to find this exact watch on the Omega

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Omega seamaster ladies vintage watch

se pictures, else i do not know anything about the watch

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1949 Seamaster Chronometer

Good afternoon, I wonder if you could assist in telling me whether this watch is the 'real deal' or not. It is billed as a very rare 14ct Seamaster

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Is Omega Bayliner a real type of watch?

I have an old Omega Bayliner watch from I believe 1996. I cannot find any pictures of these types of watched online though.

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Brenda A

What was the original date and price the Omega Constellation men's watch luxury analog stainless steel with 18k gold pins?

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Omega Seamaster 300 Ref. 14755 crystal replace ?

hallo i want to know How to replace the crystal on an Omega Seamaster 300 watch. Watch info: omega seamaster 300 (jahr ca. 1959) cal.552 Referenz:14755-61

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Seeking links for a gold watch band

I am searching the net for anyone who can help me find 3 or 4 gold 18k watch band links for a mens Constellation watch- code on the clasp is 496.1071.

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My watch is an Omega Seamaster with a SS bracelet with removable links pins held in position with screws. The serial number starts

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replacement watch battery

hello my omega de-ville quartz was bought in 1982 do you know what replaement battery it uses please

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I have an Omega 196-0119 with a 1370 quartz movement. How would I change the button crown? I have a NOS on the way.

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Watch hands

Hello! Bought a 60's Omega Geneve on ebay, had it serviced etc but the minute hand keeps falling off all the time, what would you recommend to stop this

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Tony Funnell

Hi I bought this as a late 60s Goldcap Omega Seamaster Deville from what I believe is a reputable dealer but i have not seen the back off- another dealer

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Real Omega Seamaster De Ville?

Hi - I purchased this as a 1960s Omega Seamaster De Ville from what I think is a reputable dealer. Another dealer told me it seemed OK . Can you Advice

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Omega Quartz De Ville 1471

I have been left this watch and am unsure if it is a genuine article, any one able to help?

Continue reading "Omega Quartz De Ville 1471 "

Seamaster Cosmic Auto. Inherited

I have receipt for the purchase. was bought in Italy Sept 1969. Has been in a box ever since, so not used. No serial number Just a 20 with the omega sign

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Questions about crown replacements and proper winding.

I just bought my first Omega, it's a the Seamster Automatic 563 (166.002) and it's in decent shape with all the correct interior markings, and serial number.

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I want to ask my watch omega where is the serial number if the serial number 471 so my watch was born in 1955 isnt true ??? If i sold it how much price

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reference numbers

what does the last digit in the reference number signify? is no longer available, so one has to buy ...002. However, the retail price

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Omega Seamaster - Real or Fake

Bought an Omega Seamaster on ebay. Pictures attached. Could you confirm the watches authenticity Thanks Richard

Continue reading "Omega Seamaster - Real or Fake"

Omega Pocket Watch

My mother-in-law handed to my wife her father's Omega pocket watch, which was given to him by his father. The case of the watch has what appears to be

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omega geneva

German watch

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Bought in a waterfront bar in the Azores 30+ years ago

Any idea what this is? I bought it in a bar in Horta on the island of Faial in early 1984. I'd smashed the crystal on my Submariner and needed something

Continue reading "Bought in a waterfront bar in the Azores 30+ years ago"

Omega Constellation Automatic 168017

I wonder what this watch is worth. I believe its gold capped with stainless steel underneath and someone told me that its from 1967 or 1968 but I'm not

Continue reading "Omega Constellation Automatic 168017"

Harry Choy

I inherited this watch duing 70S. It is made of gold-plated stainless steal. On the back of foldover, there are inscriptions: stainless steal (top line),

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omega with diamonds

was grandmothers ..would like to know what its value is and how old ..thank you

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70'S gold-plated stainless steal Omega watch

This is a gold-plated Omega watch given to me during 70'S. In the back of fold-over, it is written as follow: Stainless Steal, 1171 NOV (phi) INK. I

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omega seamaster cal.1437 quartz

a vintage 1970's omega seamaster watch, cal.1437 , in a very good state. it is stainless steel.

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Omega Seamaster 30

Already purchased for £275 and thinking now that it may be a Franken. Caseback serial is 135.007-66 (indicating 1966?) Movement serial begins 213*****

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1958 Omega Seamaster with cross hair - fake or real?

1958 Omega Seamaster automatic men's watch with original cross hair dial, signed crown & large seahorse embossed logo. The stainless case is 35mm without

Continue reading "1958 Omega Seamaster with cross hair - fake or real?"

Gift from an Ex

I received my Omega Seamaster 007 edition from an ex girlfriend. Her father works on an oil rig and loved watches. He developed a relationship with a watch

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Real or Fake?

I bought this Omega watch today at an antique shop who said they got their watches from a watch repairer. There was a good selection of old Longings and

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Found in a charity shop

Hi I sent you an enquiry about an Omega SpeedMaster but was unable to upload any photos due to size, I have now resized them and am able to send the photos

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Dr Cashin

Allegedly an omega speedmaster professional. Picked it up at a car boot sale in with a box of mixed stuff

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