1980s Omega Seamaster.

1980s Omega Seamaster

1980s Omega Seamaster

1980s Omega Seamaster 1980s Omega Seamaster

1980s Omega Seamaster question:

Hello, i have been given my late fathers watch, on the face it says Omega Seamaster Quartz and Swiss Made at the bottom in tiny letters, on the back of the case is the number 1342, i belive it was bought for £500 in about 1981. Its not working and when i turn the wheel on the side to adjust the time only the hour hand goes round in a jerky manor, it seems like the minute hand is stuck. Please could you give your expert opinion on what is wrong with it, how much it could be to fix and what it is worth if i cant afford to fix it. Its a great watch and i would love to wear it to remember my father.

Thanks for your time.

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looks to me like a ST 396.0873
by: OWEx

This watch houses a quartz movement 1342. Your description of the way the hands are turning is actually the way the watch should work. You set the hour by pulling out the crown and turning. To set the minute hand you press the button in the center of the crown for 5 seconds. Then release and then press again immediately - the minute and seconds hands will start turning. Let g when you reach the point you want.

For all this to work you will actually need to have a new battery installed. Take your watch to a qualified watchmaker, as these movements can be delicate. Since parts are no longer produced for these movements, if it needs to be repaired the cost would be far greater than the monetary value of the watch.

Had the same problem NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey I don't know if this thread is old or not but I had the same problem with my seamaster 1342. In order to set the minute hand you have to hold down the button inside of the crown for at least 5 seconds, then release it, then press it in again and the minute hand starts moving around the dial, when it gets to the correct location simply release the button. There you have it hope this helps you out

Links NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I have just been given the same watch as a 30th birthday gift but it's too small.

I'm finding it hard to find a spare link.
I've taken the watch to various shops and have been told they can't order the link any more.

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