1952 Omega Constellation with zodiac wheel dial,whats it worth?

by Dave

I have had this watch in a drawer for many years and thought it of no real use untill the other week i picked it up and held it im my hand and to my surprise it was ticking . I think the reason i put it away was that the strap had virtually disintegrated, one of the characters had come away from its location and if you tapped the bezel the min hand would move off on its own.
I am seriously considering getting it up and running as it is 60 years old and is keeping very good time left along on the desk.There are obviously signs of wear although not visible to the naked eye but after taking a few pics from my phone which has a very bright flash all the tiny marks show up.
The dial had at some point prior to my ownership been customized (no info on when or where or by whom available). It could have been done at time of assembly as a special one off or at anytime within its first 20 years of life which we can assume wouldnt have been a low cost job...
The tech bit.......omega constellation case no 2652-22sc. cal: .354 movement 13156185

Any advice on how much i should restore this or leave in original condition other than the forementioned issues and what values should be put on it ie repaired and cleaned..repaired and polished and fully serviced/restored to new condition.

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Interresting watch
by: OWEx

For most Omega collectors the fact that the dial is not original will detract from the value. While the customized dial might add appeal to a very narrow segment of collectors, the fact that is a poor quality job again drops the value. In my opinion, you need to find a genuine replacement dial to bring the watch to full value. Finding that dial would be the decision maker for me on whether to restore the watch. In current condition I would estimate the watch worth around 500$.

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