1940's Omega watch???

by Henry J.

Hello, I have a man's 18 kt. gold Omega watch. I received it when my father passed away. It keeps time well.
It has some very fine surface scratches on the back, a small scratch in the crystal where it bends to meet the dial, it is hard to see that scratch.
A few of the numbers and points seem dirty, they aren't as shiny as the others. Should I have the watch cleaned or serviced?
I don't know if my father was the original owner of the watch. He came from Europe to the U.S. after World War-II. Perhaps you can tell where the watch came from by its serial number. It is 11290975 with the numbers 2685 below it.
It seems small and slender for my taste. Of course I would like to know what it is worth, and who would be interested in it, but what else can you tell me about this watch?
I don't take very good pictures, but I hope this will help.
Thank you very much.
Sincerely, H.J.

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You have a nice Omega ref 2685
by: OWEx

The watch is likely from the late 1940's to early 1950's. IT should have a very high quality manual wind movement (a cal. 266) and it looks like the dial is original. The issues you describe sound minor and the watch would benefit from a cleaning, but does not need any major work. I would definitely keep the dial original. Since it is 18K it is worth easily in the 600-800$ range.

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