1923 Omega Jumbo 8 day pocket watch


Omega Jumbo 8 day pocket watch

Omega Jumbo 8 day pocket watch

Omega Jumbo 8 day pocket watch Omega Jumbo 8 day pocket watch

Hello, I would like to see if your can give me some information on my late father's pocket watch. The documentation my father left is, Omega Jumbo 8 day pocket watch, he purchased it in Santos, Brazil in 1943 from a local watch retailer.(I have the name if needed) The watch numbers are, Case# 7124276 nad Works# 6736980.

It is of large size, 7.5 inches overall diameter, face diameter is approx 5 inches. It weights approx 3 pounds. What I have been able to find is it was manufactured around 1923, and the only one I can find is in the Omega Museum.

Could you please give me a evaluation as to what the watch is worth, what type of metal it is constructed of, (it appears to be silverish to light gold in color.Any other information known. Overall the watch shows some wear,appears to need a good cleaning. I have currantly not cleaned of polished it.

I would appricate any information you could give me, I have attached photos.
Best Regards

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This is a rather uncomoomn Omge watch
by: OWEx

This was one of the watches Omega produced as Railroad Standard for use by railroad officials. The movement is likely to be the 27" 8-day movement. You did not mention whether the case had the Omega symbol and it is quite possible it was custom made. Looks like the case is a "gun metal" case. In the current condition you watch would be valued 600-800$

Jumbo omega NEW
by: barry anderson

My Grandfater left me the same watch. He bought it in New Zealand in the 20s. Here is a link to pictures.

Its not a railway watch

by: Anonymous

Thanks Barry for the information, I looked at your link and comments. Have You found any other information on these type of watches?

5 inch pocket watch NEW
by: barry

I have one too. From the 1920s. Its an exhibition watch not a railway model.

5 inch pocket watch NEW
by: barry anderson

I have nothing other than my grandfather bought it at the South Seas exhibition at Dunedin in 1925. My watch was cleaned and operates well. Over the years I have loooked for references to this watch, but saw nothing. This site is the first. I dont think they are very common.

by: J Flores

Thanks Barry for the added infomation, I still haven't found any other information, but still onthe hunt for more info. Will continue to post comments if I find anything else. Thanks again.

Jumbo Watch NEW
by: Barry Anderson

My sister had a valuation done in 2004 by a watchmaker in Dunedin, NZ. Here are his comments:
Enlarged Exhibition Piece
Siver Nickel Case
Enamel Dial
26 ligne gauge 15 jewel 8 day movement.
Approx market value NZ $500

Id have to say his value would be a total guess.

Pocket Watch NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi all. I too have a watch very much the same as what you have described here. This watch has been traced back to William Charles Wentworth - who is my 4th great grandfather. It has been handed down to the eldest son of each generation. It also has the original case made of leather and is lined with silk. I'm only guessing but having been around in the 1st settlement days of Australia I thought it came from the UK ?? Is there any record of who else may have made these lovely little peices . Cheers - grandson of a great explorer .

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