1920s vintage omega watch

by Ann L.
(Sapulpa, Oklahoma, USA)

1920s vintage omega watch:
I have an Omega watch that I purchased 20 plus years ago at an estate sale, not having any idea that I was purchasing anything aside from a cute costume jewelry type of watch. I ran across it today when I was cleaning out some drawers and thought about taking it in to the gold store. Before I did that, I noticed the omega markings on the wind up part, the clasp and the watch itself and decided to do some checking to see if it had any value at all. The only dealer here in Tulsa, Oklahoma is at Moody's Jewelry so I took it in to see what he knew about it. The man there told me it is fully 14K gold, both the band and the watch and that it was from the 1920s. It is a ladies bracelet type of watch surrounded with 24 little diamonds (which he also authenticated). The watch looks like a bracelet with an oval lid type of thing that covers the watch itself. It flips up to reveal the watch underneath. The man at the jewelry store suggested that I have it valued prior to making any decisions about it, but I haven't been able to find anyone who can put a value on it. Any suggestions? At this time, I haven't taken any pictures of it, but I can do so if you think you might be able to help. Also, from what I am reading, it looks as if it should have a serial number underneath the casing. However, I didn't have him open or even try and open the back of the watch. Whatever info you might be able to give me or to point me in a direction to get info would be appreciated.

Thank you

Ann L.

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sounds like a very interesting watch
by: OWEx

althougth some of the information you provided does not fit with an Omega from the 1920s.

To be able to say what you have with certainty, you need to have the watch opened and pictures taken of the inside and information recorded from the inside of the case. The other critical information you need is the weight of the watch and the overall carat and quality for the diamonds. If you really want an accurate evaluation for this watch, it will need to be physically inspected by an expert. I am unaware of a vintage watch/omega expert in your area. You might want to check the websites for the major auction houses and see if the have evaluation days you can bring your watch to.

Also try to find more info on eBay.

Thanks, OWEx

by: Ann

I will continue searching for answers prior to making any decisions about it. I have scoured the internet and have yet to find anything even comparably like it. After the holiday weekend I plan to make some additional phone calls and inquiries to see what I can find out. I opened the back myself and didn't see any marking particularly. It is approximately 3/4 an inch across from side to side and a little more than a 1/2 inch from top to bottom on the face. The watch band is about 6 1/2 inches long, not including the clasp. There are 24 diamonds around the the face on the little lid. The omega sign is on the clasp, the winder and on the face of the watch. On the face it actually says "omega". The back of the watch and the clasp are stamped with 14K gold. The watch face doesn't have numbers, just lines for the hours and it is a pearly white color with gold hour lines. I have no idea about watches values, so this is all new to me.
Thanks for your help and advice.

A few things
by: OWEx

The watch is definitely valuable and worth further investigation. From the fact that there are no markings on the inside of the case back and the 14K marking being on the outside, it is likely this is not an Omega case, but rather a custom made case that housed an authentic Omega movement and dial. This was not uncommon, but is going to make determination of the value much more difficult, as it is possibly one of a kind. Also, Omega started putting their logo on the crown, much later than 1920's. Please let us know what you find! Thanks, OWEx.

more info
by: Ann

Here is what I have found out. The flip part is not original to the watch, but it too is 14K gold surrounded by 1/2 carot of cut diamonds (high quality). The watch is 24 grams in gold weight. The case number is 27D299347 and the serial number is 24 962 884. The jewelry store still suggests 1920s, but from what I can find looks as if it is from 1966. Would that be correct? And does the flip cover take away from the value since it was added to the watch? The jeweler was not certain it was an add on, but thought it might be. What do you think?


And it runs
by: Ann

Also, the man at the jewelry store wound it gently and said it was still in working condition. I had thought that it was not working, but he said it appeared to be in good working condition.


Hi Ann
by: OWEx

The additional information does help and if this is the serial number then the movement is from the mid to late 1960's.

It is possible that the watch was made in a style of the 1920's. If there is no Omega symbol on the inside of the case, it sounds to me like a custom case.

by: Anonymous

Does the custom made case take away from the value of the watch? I am taking it on Thursday to a local gemologist who does evaluations/appraisals, but I am not certain how much she will know about omega watches themselves.


If the case is custom made
by: OWEx

and one of a kind, it really is difficult to compare to other watches made by Omega. However, from your description it sounds like a a very unique and special watch. My guess is the value would be high. Sorry I cannot be more helpful without seeing pictures of the watch.

by: Ann

Can I upload pictures here? Currently I only have pictures on my cell phone, but when I get the watch back from my dad who is taking it to be appraised for me, I can take photos and add them from my computer.


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