18K Men's Automatic Chronometer

by Cam B.

I inherited this 18K Men's Automatic Chronometer when my grandfather died in the late 80's. I'm trying to figure out what it's worth and thought I'd start here. It has a few scratches on the face as you can see in the picture, but I believe everything is original. Have yet to take it to be appraised but just wanted to see if it might be a desirable model.

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Very intersting
by: OWEx

These are sought after by collectors. If indeed the watch is a chronometer then it would be of significant value. It would be important to know what movement is inside the watch, as this would make a significant difference as far as value. Also, can you send me a close up of the watch dial. Whether it is original or redone would have significant impact.

by: Cam B

So I finally got around to taking it to a certified appraiser and founds out some news in regards to the watch.

Its a 1958 or '59 "Round Automatic Offically Certified Chronometre." Apparently the solid 18K band is not original and had been soldered on. I was told by the jeweler that it was common for that watch style for the bands to routinely break and that my grandfather may have chosen to just have it soldered on by his jeweler.

Everything else appears to be original. The movement is "Automatic Caliber #501." The crystal is multicracked and needs to be replaced and I assume the movement could probably use a cleaning. It weighs just north of 96 grams.

I was thoroughly pleased with the appraisal price I received but the appraiser essentially offered me the gold weight to buy it. Wanted to see what can I reasonably expect to fetch for the watch?

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by: Anonymous

How much are this watch go for

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by: Newton

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