18k gold Omega watch

by Mike
(montreal )

As requested here is a picture of the inside of the watch


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Thanks for the picture
by: OWEx

However, it looks like it is not an Omega movement. Given that the movement is not an Omega movement and the markings on the case are not consistent with the way Omega marks their watches, I think this is not likely to be a genuine Omega product. Obviously it needs to be physically inspected by an expert, but from the pictures that is my opinion. There could still be a lot of value in the watch of the case is solid 18K gold.

Why make a fake 18k watch?
by: Mike

Why would anyone use an 18k case to make a fake Omega watch? Can you tell from the picture if the movement look like a good quality? ie: is it really 17 jewel etc.

I have no idea why
by: OWEx

but like I said, Omega marks their cases on the inside. That is why I would recommend having the gold tested. I cant really say much about the movement without higher resolution images. Can you read what is inscribed on the movement itself?

All I see is it saying 17 Jewels
by: Mike

All I can see is that it has 17 jewels etched on it

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